259-Satisfaction versus Fullness

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Satisfaction versus Fullness

“If you don’t love it, don’t eat it and if you love it, savor it”. – Evelyn Tribole

Satisfaction versus Fullness

The difference between satisfaction versus fullness is how you can see that diet culture has invaded your journey through intuitive eating because satisfaction with food is always left off the non-diet way of diet culture.

Food can be filling without being satisfying: Think of your last diet when you ate a bowl full of salad. You felt full. Your stomach was stretch out, full, but you weren’t satisfied Why? You picked out the crouton and left the fresh amazingly-smelling baked bread on the table.

Food can be satisfying but not filling, aka not trigger satiety. Think chocolate, chips, candy…

Food satisfaction starts in our ability to give ourselves the unconditional permission to eat and evolve in our ability to know what makes us individually satisfied and enjoy our meal.

Intuitive eating is based on our ability to feel satisfied with food. That’s the cornerstone of the intuitive eating process.

Why is finding satisfaction with food so important?

Satisfaction turns off the drive to eat more so than fullness.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • What is the difference between being satisfied and full
  • The role of pleasure in your eating experience
  • Why seeking food satisfaction is so critical
  • The role of mindset is connecting with satisfaction

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