183-SHE’s Beyond The Food-Chapter 2

SHE's Beyond the Food-Chapter 2

On today’s episode – SHEBeyond The Food – Chapter 2:

I’ll share with you my personal journey with exercise, fitness and sports… and it’s been a wild ride. 

Just like most of you, ladies that have a journey of dieting, exercise has been part of my life in a “not so fun way”… never willingly and because I desired to exercise rather because I HAD TO kind of way:  to burn calories, to burn fat, or to punish myself for cheating on my diet and mostly because I needed to alter my body composition, ….  

The result of this wild ride is trauma. As my mentor in trauma, Irene Lyon taught me “Trauma is in your nervous system not in the event”. I now can see it in most of my students too. We know we have to but for some “unexplainable” reason we can’t bring ourselves to do it. That “unexplainable” reason is trauma… it’s your nervous system protecting you from what has been in the past a very bad experience.  

In fact, trauma can be healed. So does your relationship to exercise. With a load of compassion, acceptance and love, we can fall back in love with moving our body. Slowly & gently healing happens. 

That’s SHEBeyond The Food Chapter 2. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • Why no pain no gain exercise is more detrimental than beneficial 
  • What is trauma and how to determine if you have a traumatic relationship to exercise 
  • Why I never call exercise… exercise 
  • How to shift into an enjoyable relationship to movement 

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