299-Wishful Thinking Trap of Diet Culture

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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking is the formation of beliefs based on what might be pleasing to imagine rather than on reality, evidence, FACTS. It’s usually grown from fear. We don’t resort to Wishful Thinking because it works. We resort to Wishful Thinking because it allows us to avoid confronting our fear.   

Wishing Thinking is when you want something to be true even when it’s not true, like the fantasy of the thin ideal. Think of all the years we pursue dieting… The endless “on and off” diet cycle always lands right back in the same place. 

Wishful thinking Trap

Wishful Thinking creates a trap. This is when we maintain the belief that the next diet will work even the last 5 didn’t (if you’re like more like a dozen!)  

Instead of being objective in our Thinking, we fantasize about how much our life will be better once we start this next diet. 

We Indulge in fantasy thinking. 

We keep the “thin” clothes in our closet and perhaps even hang the little red dress as a “motivator.” We avoid coming face to face with our small day-to-day problems, and instead, we bury them in avoidance. We get lost in the magical Thinking that once we lose weight… all of these little annoyances will go away. 

It’s easier to think about fantasies than to think about reality

The reality is that you were thin before, yet here you are today with the same problems, feeling the same anxious feelings… and oh, the last 5 diets didn’t work either! 

And you’re about to start all over again… Still placing a hold on living your life, chasing your dreams. 

And all you have for evidence that this time will be different is the “dream” that diet culture is selling you… 

Wishful Thinking is the trap that prevents you from seeing the reality that food restriction doesn’t work, and all bodies are good bodies. 

The solution is objective Thinking. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • How Wishful Thinking presents itself in our lives 
  • The companion to wishful Thinking; Magical Thinking 
  • The illusion of diet culture 
  • The power of objective Thinking

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