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This community is not about telling what to eat, what to do and create a dogma… but it’s about being Real in all aspect of our life. It’s about being Real with our food, Real with our Lifestyle in a Real simple manner. Health is in simplicity...

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Teaching Good Holiday Eating Habits to Kids

If we as adults think that it’s difficult to stay on the path to good healthy, imagine what a challenge it is for kids! Adults love to treat kids to all kinds of unhealthy treats during the holidays. It’s a way to celebrate and to be a part of the magic of the season. Candy canes and sugar cookies are a natural part of the season aren’t they?… Keep Reading

Self Care Through Healthy Living

You are important. Your health is important. Without you, all of the people who depend on you would be out of luck. So during the holiday season, it’s important that you don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your wellness! Self care or taking care of you doesn’t make you are selfish, it means that you’re making sure that you’re able to give your best to everyone else…. Keep Reading

Navigating the Holiday Office Party

Ok, so it’s time for that end of the year celebration that is the holiday office party. Whether your office offers a small drop in of sweet treats and holiday punch, or a huge formal bash that pulls out all of the stops, staying on a healthy plan during the holiday festivities can be one of the biggest challenges to your sticking to healthy habits. How can you… Keep Reading

5 Strategies To Eat Smart On The Road

  To eat smart on the road  during the holidays is no small feat, but add in travel and it becomes downright impossible. You’re already feeling rushed and overwhelmed with your to do list – gifts to buy, work to do before vacation, decorating the house, balancing the budget, and everything in between. Even with the best of intentions, getting on the road usually signals a time to… Keep Reading

Fight Holiday Stress with Healthy Living

It might seem like healthy living is impossible during the holidays. It might seem like the office is full of brightly colored, festive junk food that’s calling your name. It might seem like the weather is turning cooler and that makes it less promising to get outdoors and exercise. It might seem like this is the time of year to treat yourself to some after being good all… Keep Reading

My top 5 tips for healthy holiday baking

Did you know that the  average America gains 7-9 lbs from Halloween through the New Year? Crazy number… As a nutritionist, my job is to help you build strategies to enjoy the holiday baking season and all the festive foods and gatherings it brings while also maintaining a balance in your lives and diet. I call this the art of Dipping and Not Diving. In this video I… Keep Reading