Why You’re Here. Why I’m Here.

I believe that any woman can be healthy without having to be on a diet.

Let me explain… I know that diets don’t work (more why I know that later). I know that intuitive eating works and holds the power to transform anyone’s eating habits and their health.

The frustration, confusion, and darn right obsession caused by dieting is real. You feel like diets are stealing your life? I’ve been there too.

But it doesn’t have to be. You can take your life and health back from diet culture.

Who is Stephanie?

I’m the creator of the Going Beyond the Food Method™️ and the Conquer & Thrive Community.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a woman (she/her), a sister, and a student of life. I’m also a French Canadian with a very sexy accent.

I’m also a Clinical Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Expert, the host of Going Beyond The Food Show, a top-rated wellness podcast. My unique approach to health and eating is strongly influenced by my own journey with weight loss, food, and body image struggles.

Beginning when I was 12 years old, I spent the next 25 years bouncing from one diet to the next only to find myself stuck in the same place.

At the peak of my first career, my body gave out to me. Diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions I needed a solution, not the next diet. That began my healing journey to being where I am today.

I left my successful career and went back to school. I opened a health clinic in Toronto, Canada in 2012 to closed it 4 years later. I refused to prescribe another diet: Not only diets didn’t work for me but for my clients, the same story was unfolding.

I went on to create a unique solution: The Going Beyond The Food Method™️ , our proprietary methodology that takes women through a powerful process to transform their relationship to food and their body learning how to be intuitive eaters & body neutral women with a solid confident mindset.

You Want to Be Free?

Free negative the “mean girl voices” in your head, food obsession, self-doubt, and shame.

We live in a world dominated by diet culture, and its relentless pressure to be thin, keeping women from living their full life. It’s time for this B.S. to change… for us, and the next generations of women!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself; join us inside Conquer and Thrive, our membership community. A community of women unlearning diet culture together. No commitment beyond the first month!

Take A Look Inside



What exactly happens once you become a member?

Ready? Let’s do this…

Coach Corner

Get access to private coaching on-demand. Submit your question anonymously and get coaching back in 48 hrs. Simple and effective.

Monthly Live Coaching Call

Get coached personally by Stephanie. You’ll learn as much from watching others being coached!

Daily Accountability Check-in

Receive a daily check-in to keep you moving forward on the right track. Grounded and Motivated. For US/CAN/UK only at this time

Private Podcast

Rise up to the next level with specifically crafted topics that will take your mindset to the next level. Exclusive podcast for members only.

And It Works!

Over 450,000 women have been reached via our weekly podcast. 22,000 have joined our community and over the years, thousands of women have benefited from our programs and courses.

I’m truly grateful for each one of these women that trusted us to help them on their health journey.

Going Beyond The Food is the only gateway to sustainable health.


With Love,

Stephanie Dodier

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