From my first diet at 14 years old to overcoming a constant emotional hunger, I’m proud to say I have been there, too and now able to help thousands of other women.

Through The Beyond the Food Show and our world-class online learning platform, the Going Beyond the Food Academy, and an audience in 92 countries, I help women like you take back control of their eating behaviors by looking for the solution beyond the food.

One question I’m most often asked is…

” What does it mean to go beyond food?”

Before answering this question, I must share with you a vulnerable story about me…

From the outside, I looked like I had it all as a successful senior executive in a top 500 Corporation, but alone at night, I felt inadequate and “not good enough” consistently using food to feel better, binging on chips trying to appease my constant anxiety of being discovered. The more I attempted to control my eating, the worse it got. I went from diet to diet desperate to be as successful in losing weight as I was in the rest of my life.

That’s until the day my body got tired of constant feast and fasting going from overeating to strict dieting, and I collapsed while speaking on stage… the road to being here today has not been straight and easy. I earned the right to say ” I have been there too.”

I tried nearly everything to get control back on my eating and it’s not until a great teacher came into my path to show me that the main driver behind my emotional hunger were my thoughts and emotions. That my subconscious mind was responding to these thoughts and emotions with cravings,  binges, and overeating. That if I really wanted to transform my relationship to food once and for all, I needed to understand what my mind (you can replace mind by soul, spirit or intuition) was craving via this unsatisfiable desire for food. I had to Go Beyond the Food to find my solutions.


If “controlling” your food was the solution you are so desperately looking for, why are you still struggling?

You are a smart woman. You are successful everywhere else in your life. You know how to diet. You know how to eat healthily. 

But still… you self-sabotage consistently. On the “wagon” for a few weeks, maybe even months and all of sudden off the wagon you fall off.  You crave the food you shouldn’t. You can’t stop eating although you are full and know you’ll feel terrible. You eat in secret… and binge on “forbidden food”.

You know better… yet you can’t find the willpower and discipline you should have. The weight loss and fitness industry is repeatedly telling you that if you want it hard enough, you will suppress these desires and be strong enough to ignore the cravings.

More than anything, you want to find the solution yet you keep repeating the same cycle years over years… trying to fix your “problem” with the same solution, process, diet that clearly didn’t work.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s not your fault. You only know what you know. If you knew what the solution was to your “problem” you would have applied it by know and been successful, right? Here’s the secret:  the solution is not in your zone of awareness yet… You don’t know what you don’t know. 

That’s when I come in…

I’m here to serve you and teach you. I want to share with you what helped me and thousands of others women I have worked with.

Through our free content, paid program, one-on-one coaching and anything we might offer – I’m in this to make a difference. I made it my mission in this second phase of my life to help women like you Go beyond the Food so they too find their solution.

Whether it’s your first time trying to transform your relationship with food OR have been there before too many times- I know what we have to offer you is different from anything you’ve experienced before. 

But if you are looking for a quick-fix, the magic pill, the new diet or set of rules, you aren’t at the right place.

What I’m proposing to you is the real deal, thought-provoking ideas, the path to profound transformation that will allow you to find your true relationship with food… and yourself. It’s not going to be easy. It may even be scary. It will take work BUT I can say, with experience, that it will be the most rewarding experience of your life plus I’ll  be there for you all along the journey.

Let’s get started