About Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Dodier


Feeling like you’re not in control of your body is tough, especially if you don’t understand the messages your body is desperately trying to give you.

You want to make your health your priority, feel good about putting yourself first and learn how to care for yourself the same way you care for everyone else.

You want to eat well, lose any weight you’ve gained since your health struggles began and get your symptoms under control once and for all.

More than anything, you want to find an intuitive way of living and eating that will help you overcome and manage your health challenges so you can finally start to feel well again.

But when your doctors are dismissive of your pain and discomfort, quick to prescribe unwanted medications, or simply just don’t know how to best to support you?

Well, that’s an overwhelming, frustrating and lonely place to be.

I’m Stephanie Dodier CNP, RNCP.

As a clinical nutritionist, honors graduate from Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the creator of the Dodier Protocol (an integrative approach which incorporates primary foods, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and mind-body connection in the treatment of disease) I’m about to help you overcome your health crises.

The Dodier Protocol is predicated on strengthening your mind-body connection to enable you to decode the messages your body is sending you the only way it knows how: through symptoms of weight-gain, pain and discomfort.

By teaching you how to listen and observe your body in a curious and compassionate way, I’ll help you make necessary lifestyle changes and heal your body naturally with food.

As a clinical nutritionist, former-corporate VP and recovering Type-A personality, I specialize in helping busy, results-orientated women like you who:

  • Have been blindsided by some kind of health crises that you just didn’t see coming.
  • Have been tested, prodded and poked by countless M.D.s who are unwilling or unable to advise you on gentler, kinder alternative ways to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Have been self-medicating your way through pain and discomfort with your drug of choice only for matters to become progressively worse.
  • Find it hard to put yourself first and your health your priority when there are so many other people placing demands on your time.
  • Are struggling to lose the weight you gained as a result of your health challenge.
  • Dealing with cravings that you never experienced before and just can’t seem to say no to.
  • Are finding it hard to stay grounded and emotionally balanced.
  • Want to experience what it’s like to feel happy, present and at peace in your body once again.

When you decide to work with me, you’ll get access to everything I’ve learned and applied successfully to my own health challenges, plus all the tools and encouragement you’ll need to discover and address the beliefs, feelings and emotions that are really behind your symptoms.

By the time our work together is done you will…
  • have formed a loving, compassionate, trustful relationship with your body.
  • know how to heal yourself naturally with food.
  • feel good about prioritizing your own needs ahead of your family, career or business.
  • understand that, without your good health, you’ll find it so much harder to achieve everything you want in life.
  • interpret emotional cues from your body that you might have previously ignored.
  • begin to lose any weight you gained after you became sick.
  • start seeing your life as a journey filled with possibilities and infinite potential.
I’ve helped countless women strengthen their mind-body connection, transform their health through food and start living their lives with renewed energy and purpose.

This kind of integrative nutrition and mind-body healing isn’t for everyone though.

I’m not about quick fixes, crash diets or calorie counting to lose weight – if that’s what you came here looking for then I’m not the one to help you.

But if you’ve arrived here feeling defeated, thinking everything you’ve tried up until now has failed and you’ve got a gut feel that my approach could help, we should definitely talk.

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My Story:

sd-aboutcirWhen I was seven years old I moved across the city with my family and lost my entire friendship group. There were no kids to play with in my new neighborhood, so I began baking cookies and cakes as a way to pass the time. That’s when I began turning to food for comfort.

 As I got older I developed something of a Type-A personality.  I did everything in excess: eating, smoking, working – you name it.

10 years after joining one of the biggest retail brands in Canada and working my way up from sales cashier to vice president, I was 100lbs overweight and struggling with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day.

Once day, just as I was about to get on stage and speak to a room filled with hundreds of people, my body gave out and I had what I now know must have been a massive panic attack.

After being checked out by my doctor for a suspected heart attack, being told I was in fact fine and taking a week off to relax, the exact same thing happened again just as I was about to hit unmute and join a conference call with my team.

When the only solution my M.D. could suggest was anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications I knew that something had to give.

I channeled my Type-A personality in the direction of resolving my health issues. I found health coaches to help and support me and started to make the required changes in my daily life.

By incorporating nourishing foods, movement and strengthening my mind-body connection I was able to regain power over my body, my anxiety subsided and I finally succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off. My quality of sleep improved, I had more energy and I became a happier, better leader at work too.

I’ve made it my mission to share everything I learned throughout my personal journey to educate and empower as many people as possible to take back control of their health.

I look forward to being part of your journey back to wellness too.

Professional Bio

Stephanie Dodier spent 20 years climbing the corporate career ladder in one of Canada’s largest retail firms before fate intervened and her life transformed forever. As she was about to take to the stage one day in her role of company Vice President, she experienced what everyone around her presumed was a heart attack.

When her medical doctors diagnosed a panic attack and were all too keen to prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications (and overlook the fact that Stephanie was100lbs overweight and struggling with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day) Stephanie realized her body was trying to send her a message.

After leaving the corporate track and subsequently graduating from as an honors graduate from Institute of Holistic Nutrition and C.H.E.K. Institute, Stephanie qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist, CNP, RNCP, and the creator of the Dodier Protocol, an integrative approach which incorporates primary foods, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and mind-body connection in the treatment of disease. She is also a GAPS Practitioner and trained directly under the supervision of Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell and is one of less than one hundred practitioners in North America.

Stephanie has a special talent for breaking down complex concepts into simple, memorable messages, always delivered with humor and empathy for those to whom she is speaking. She’s won the praise of audiences at Goodlife Fitness, Ivavva by Lulu Lemon, Goodness Me, Longo’s and the Celiac Canadian Association. She is also a contributor to Primal Palate and Kids Naturally.