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by | Nov 5, 2017

Stephanie Dodier story

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In this episode I discuss  

Before, I was in charge of what part of my story was being put out to the world…When I decided to reveal my pursuit of my life purpose, I made the conscious choice of being an open book. I would be transparent and share everything about who I was and how I came to be with you today. While creating the Going Beyond The Food Project, I decided to let go of the control and asked my friend Sean Croxton to help me bring out my story like never before. I gave him “carte blanche” with the purpose of pulling out of me what could help more women… the emotions, the feelings and the parts I had kept secret until now. That what’s you’ll hear today…The Stephanie Dodier story: my never-before-shared personal journey.

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The Stephanie Dodier Story: The Beginning

It all started at 11. My childhood was not your typical carefree kid story. I remember hiding baking and eating cookies from my mother. I was brought to Weight Watchers, in the company of grown women whose objective is mainly to lose weight. I was like… “What the heck am I doing here?” I didn’t understand what’s going on and why my mother kept on sending me there on a weekly basis. Ever experienced being bullied? Oh, I know so well how it feels!

Raised in a family of “pleasers” where you’re expected to be “normal”, being different is a big no-no. My parents were so concerned about how people perceive us that we, their kids, were expected to perform well in anything we do. It’s like you’re pushed to be the best you can be to the point where things felt like a chore already. It was a challenge for me to live up to their expectations. I came to believe that I was not good enough. That’s when I turned to food to hide my emotions.

Caught Up In the Cycle

At 14, my aunts took me to a low-fat diet. I lost 50 lbs in 6 months. And boy, how I felt good about myself! For the first time, I felt like people love me and I belong. I didn’t need food to hide the shame that I feel. I looked good and started to have friends and have a normal teenage life. This continued until 26, the age when I experienced what I consider the lowest point in my life – something that affirmed I’m not good enough no matter how hard I tried.

I started to overeat again and I developed work addiction to ward off my negative thoughts. It’s like eating is the only way to numb the pain of rejection. I put all my energy into my job reaching almost the top of the corporate ladder. But somehow somewhere, everybody really has a breaking point – my health and my body collapsed.

The Search

It felt like I already did almost everything – read and got hooked up with the Paleo Solution and How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, over-exercised, did corrective therapy in between losing and gaining weight. I got a hold of Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, a book about spirituality, relationship with family and food. I took 6 months off and traveled to see something new and clear my mind. I went to school at the Institute of Holistic Education in Toronto and started to get some followers with my online works. I did Ketogenic diet thinking it might be “the solution” for me.

The Solution

By the end of our interview, Sean asked me what solution I found with everything I went through. The answer?… is to GO BEYOND THE FOOD. The solution is to deep-dive into emotional eating and discover your intention for eating. You should manage your emotion and train your mind, become conscious on your intention on food. Look on the emotion and understand why you are having that. When you discover the emotion, ask why you feel this emotion, learn how to cope with it other than food. With this, you will stop overeating and will have less bad emotions as well.

The Going Beyond the Food Project

It was a huge decision for me to share the real story behind my journey because they are deeply personal. But I took this high-risk road because I know I am not the only one. For a long time in my life, I felt alone thinking no one understands and ‘gets it’. But my changed perspective on my personal journey, even how negative it may seem to many, has moved me to become empowered and cast off the victim mentality. It has helped me shift my life from a negative place to a positive place. I am inviting you to consider that for yourself because that is the most profound transformation you can do to heal your health, realize your goals and live the life you dreamed of.

Last week’s episode, I took you behind the scene of the Going Beyond The Food Project. We recorded the podcast episode live during one of the wrap-up sessions of the online summit. I suggest you check it out! You can listen to the episode here. 

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