239 – Her Story: She Overcame a 40-Year Battle with Food and Body Image with Ann



In today’s episode, we’ll listen to an Academy student’s 40-year battle with food and body image…

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Ann Killin, a student of the Going Beyond the Food Academy. Ann agreed to share her story on the podcast to help other women take the step forward in healing in their relationship with food and body. 

 Ann is being very vulnerable and open about her life journey. She shares how her struggle was brought on by a single comment from her father. The struggle then continued for 40 years… 

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How one single comment from a caregiver triggered a 40-year battle with body image and food.
  • The side effects of chronic dieting throughout her life.
  • How she attracted partners, relationships that match her level of love towards herself.
  • The health crisis that triggered her to do her work to heal her relationship to food.
  • The reason why reading the intuitive eating book wasn’t enough for her
  • Advice Ann would give to anyone listening that she wished someone would have told her.

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