PRO Series: Being A Confident Non-Diet Coach – S2 EP3

Being a confident non-diet coach

“I’m doubting my ability as a coach…How can I increase my confidence as a coach?” 

A very frequent error health coaches make is to get more certification in order to be more confident in their coaching skills. 

A new certification will not give you confidence.  

Being A Confident Non-Diet Coach

Confidence is an emotion. Confidence is a feeling. 

Coaching confidence is a feeling of trust in your ability to coach your client. 

When you feel confident about your coaching abilities, you typically are more successful. Successful in your client results and successful in making money in your business. 

How does a coach increase the feeling of confidence in her coaching skills? 

That is what we will answer in this podcast episode. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on being a confident non-diet coach: 

  • The big mistake I made in feeling confident as a coach when I first started 
  • How to increase your confidence level in your practice 
  • The framework that will help you nurture your confidence 
  • 6 rapid-fire coaching tips to increase your confidence as a non-diet coach. 

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