044 – Body Wisdom: Interview with Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams

Body Wisdom

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In this episode, I discuss:

Dr. Rachel teaches a 4-step process called “Body Wise” to ignite the connection between our mind and our body. Chronic body depletion is an epidemic among women who ignore their own health by prioritizing the needs of everyone else.  The symptoms associated with this depletion, as uncomfortable as they may be, are actually a sign of our body’s intelligence or body wisdom. 

Body Wise is a system that will help your body wisdom shine through and empower you to take charge of your own health. 

Last week’s episode was an inspirational interview with Aglaee Jacob, a registered dietitian who shares her personal and intimate journey of how she overcame emotional and binge eating.   I highly suggest that you check it out!

In the next episode, I will be with another inspiring lady! Leanne Vogel will talk about taking charge of her relationship with food and her diet. Stay tuned!

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