CONQUER food & body image AND THRIVE

Conquer food and body image and Thrive

CONQUER food & body image AND THRIVE

I’ve been waiting for this day for months and it’s finally here. I’ve been working on this since March, and now it’s here.

I’m bursting with excitement… I could scream but since this is a podcast and many of you are listening to me in your earbuds, I do not want to hurt your pretty little ears, so I’m going to restraint myself.

I’m beyond myself to finally be able to share all the secret details of this thing I’ve been working on for months and months.

So here we go… get ready to conquer food and body & body image and thrive.

I’m pleased to announce and introduce… Conquer & Thrive.

In this episode, we will learn:

  • What’s is Conquer and Thrive
  • What is included inside Conquer and Thrive
  • Who should join Conquer and Thrive
  • What will happen after a few months inside Conquer and Thrive
  • How to join Conquer and thrive

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Conquer & Thrive