097 – Can You Be Fat and Healthy?

fat and healthy

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Forever we have been taught that being “fat” means we aren’t healthy. It’s supposed that the BMI is the only way to determine if we are “fat” and therefore unhealthy… But is it?

In the same way that many thin people aren’t healthy, can fat people be healthy?

Fat and Healthy

I’m proposing today that we could pursue health without weight loss… in the same way that cholesterol doesn’t cause a heart attack (yes, it’s true!). Weight isn’t the causal element to our health. Can you be fat and healthy? Are you ready for this?

Last week’s episode was all about the #1 reason why nothing changes. I discussed the real reason and where to find the solution to the big question, “Why nothing changes?” I suggest you check it out! You can listen to the episode here.

Next episode will be a Q&A session about the Going Beyond The Food Project, which is a  groundbreaking online event that will help you transform your life with a radical new way of looking at health and weight loss to help you heal your distorted relationship to food to feel good for good! 

In this online conference, I  have gathered 21  unconventional thinkers and health  Experts,  MD’s,  ND’s  and influencers in this online conference to help you find the solution beyond diet and food restriction. This is such an inspiring and revolutionary movement that can help every area of your life:  physical,  mental,  and emotional health which can lead to weight loss without dieting!  

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Health at Every Size book:  http://amzn.to/2ipvlPF

Study  about cancer and weight: http://www.aicr.org/assets/docs/pdf/education/aicr-awareness-report-2015.pdf

Article teaching the actual truth about cholesterol/ heart attacks and fat: https://chriskresser.com/heart-disease/

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