326-Q&A: Feeling Stuck In Your Journey – Let’s Coach You to Get Unstuck

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Feeling stuck in your journey

Feeling stuck in your journey is preventing you from reaching your goals… but how do you actually get unstuck?

Regardless of where you are feeling stuck in your journey right now, I guarantee you this is getting in your way: your thoughts. 

So, how do you change your thoughts?

Well, my sisters, I asked you to submit your questions around this topic, and you delivered. So on today’s podcast, I’m coaching you through them and showing you how to get unstuck in any situation.

You ready? Let’s do this!


Question #1: “I feel stuck that I will never find love because of my body. I’m divorced from an abusive husband; I married him as I felt he was the only option. I’m happier now but even more afraid of men as I’m old, bigger, etc., and I’ll never attract a man again.”

What if, instead of looking for love outside of yourself, you gave yourself the love you are seeking from a partner? If you were self-sufficient with self-love and self-respect entering your next relationship, would you feel safer? 

Question #2: “I feel stuck because it seems like diet culture has a chokehold on everyone, and personally, I’m not convinced of approaching health with the non-diet approach.”

Most people don’t know that they have the choice to believe and think what they want. This idea that you need to convince yourself of anything is an error in thinking. Convincing is like trying to force and contort your brain to think in a way that you’re “supposed” to think. Instead, ask yourself what do you WANT to believe. 

Question #3: “In the secrecy of my own mind, I always doubt that it is possible for me to have what I want in life. I have to hustle hard to just have what I have now, and it’s nowhere close to what I want. It’s almost like it’s not possible for ME. It’s okay for others, but not for me, it’s like the gap is too big.”

The human brain’s #1 goal is to keep us safe, which means repeating our #1 pattern in order for us to stay in the same reality. In order to step into your possibility, you need to create an intentional intervention in the way you think.

Question #4: “I feel stuck with money mindset, or should I say scarcity mindset. Feeling like I am unworthy of wealthiness.”

This is a very common thought or belief for women who have also thought they weren’t worthy because of their body size. There’s a direct correlation between body image and money mindset (hint: keep an eye out for Episode 327 for more on this!).

Question #5: “I feel stuck in taking action towards my goal. I see what needs to be done, but I feel weighed down and overwhelmed and it never seems to let up.”

We all procrastinate with our goals because of the opinion or thoughts we have about the goal or the to-do lists. It is feelings of overwhelm and anxiety we feel engaging with the goal that creates procrastination and avoidance.

Question #6: “I am afraid of becoming who I want to become because of all the things she will want to do that I consider scary now.”

You already know that you can do anything – this is great. However, it’s not just good enough to know that everything is available to you and you can do anything. You actually need to take action. This means you need to challenge your belief about having what you want being scary. Ultimately, you need to learn to make scary things feel safe.


Tune into Episode 326 of the Going Beyond the Food Show, where I answer each of these questions for you in more depth. Plus, I coach you through practical steps to get yourself unstuck now.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN LISTENING TO THIS EPISODE on Feeling stuck in your journey:

  • How to get yourself unstuck in any situation
  • What to do when you keep procrastinating
  • What a thought download is & why you should do it
  • How to make scary things feel SAFE

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