PRO Series: How to Get Started in Your Non-Diet Business S2 EP5

How to get started in your non-diet business

How to Get Started in Your Non-Diet Business

You have a degree or certification in hands and you are ready to get started.

Or perhaps you’ve spent the last few years recovering your own relationship to food and body and you have a burning desire to share your journey with others.

This podcast is for you!

Our guest today is Stephanie Long, a Business Coach for Nutritionists and has helped hundreds of nutritionists start their own successful businesses. Stephanie is also the host of Next Level Nutrition Biz podcast. Her program, Launch Your Nutrition Biz, helps Nutritionists to launch their business and start bringing on clients!

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on how to get started with your non-diet business

  • Top 3 mistakes new practitioners make when starting their business
  • The 5 things to consider when starting a new business
  • The roadmap to starting your new practice

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