262-Other People’s Diet

Other People’s Diet

Other People’s Diet

What to do when others talk about dieting when I’m trying to stop?

How to not be jealous of other people’s weight loss?

How to handle my mom’s comment on my body?

What about my family at gatherings and holidays so triggering?

Can you relate?

Although this episode was created around the American Thanksgiving holiday, this is applicable all-year-round.

It’s good for family BBQs, friends dinners, office breakroom, or the Zoom room (2020 joke lol!), night out with girls… anytime, all the time!

It’s a gem of an episode! You’ll want to replay it many times.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • Why you react when other people comment on your body
  • How to not feel shame when other people comment on your body
  • How to stop reacting when other people talk about diets & dieting
  • The way you can change your core beliefs so you never again feel shame

Mentioned on the show on other people’s diet:

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