224 – When Intuitive Eating Isn’t Working

224 - When Intuitive Eating isn't Working


In today’s episode, we’ll explore why intuitive eating isn’t working for you

I often get messages of this nature “… but intuitive eating isn’t working for me”

Or “Intuitive eating sounds good but it’s not going to work for me because….”

Is this you? I know it was me when I first encounter intuitive eating years ago. After years of chronic dieting, I was convinced that something was wrong with me that couldn’t be fixed by intuitive eating. In some way, I thought I was special…

The truth is you can’t fail at intuitive eating. You can feel “stuck” but in itself, intuitive eating is still working…

Beyond the fact that we were all born intuitive eaters and remain intuitive eaters until we encounter our first diet, intuitive eating in itself is a framework, not a pass or fail program.

And typically that the first reason why intuitive eating doesn’t work for women… we approach it as a diet, not as an eating framework.

Intuitive eating is a complete framework around the entire eating experience. From the thought we have about food, before even eating the food, to the actual eating experience, to the aftermath of eating and all the emotions around the eating.

In this episode, we are going to explore:

    • The top 5 reasons why you are struggling with intuitive eating
    • 4 pillars that need to be present in your intuitive eating journey
    • 10 case studies from real women as to why they think intuitive eating isn’t working for them
    • What questions to ask to figure out why IE isn’t working for you

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