103 – Meal Timing: The One Thing You Need to Know and Likely Not Doing with Brodie Welch

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Meal Timing

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In this episode I discuss  

When I say meal timing, what do you think of right away? Like the 4-6 meals a day or eating window, right? Well, there is one important element that both these meal timing philosophies are not considering. This one thing can be a game changer for many women.

Meal Timing

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of rules on meal timing, but Brodie Welch, a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board-Certified Herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, group coach, and self-care strategist, has a different take on this. In our interview, we talked about how our body plays a very significant role in telling us when to eat.

If you think about it, many people train their bodies to be obedient to a certain meal timing rule hoping to achieve their body and health goals. Surprisingly, our body also gives us cues on what to eat. It may come as a shock for many because we have been conditioned to follow a certain “health” trend.  But in reality, nature already laid out everything in front of us. We just need to listen and be in tune with our body and our surroundings to be able to know when and what to feed our body. This is the universal law of nature.  

So, what can we take away from this? It’s all about intuitive eating. Listen to your body because it has the answers to all of your body and health questions. Ultimately, what “rule” should we be following? I guess it’s the rule of nature. If we could all be mindful of what nature is offering us, I think we wouldn’t have to be burdened with when, what, and all those health-and-nutrition-related questions. Get cues from your body messages. Because after all, the answer is all inside of us. 

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On episode 105, we’ll have Debra Atkinson in the show to discuss a very enlightening topic about menopause myths that keep you from thriving. Take note, this is not just for women that are currently experiencing menopause. Listen up, younger women because this will change the way you are perceiving yourself going into menopause. Stay tuned!

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