342-4 Money Shifts I Made Since Opting Out of Diet Culture

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4 Money Shifts I Made Since Opting Out of Diet Culture

Today we are talking about money and I am sharing with you the 4 money shifts I made since opting out of diet culture that created more money and most important less work and more ease.

I was raised in a multi-generational lineage of people that lived in scarcity, not just in their minds but in real life too. I was socialized to believe that: 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “You have to work hard to have just enough money” and the one that really impacted me as an entrepreneur, “People with a lot of money made their money by ripping off other people.”

These beliefs actually made me successful in the corporate world which rewards hard work and keeps money in the hands of just a few people. 

Much of our corporate world has been conditioned by the patriarchy where it’s the men’s role to make money and women are to make men more money. Women are the caretakers, and the nurturers and thinking of themselves is selfish. 

But when I became an entrepreneur, these beliefs halted my success. In fact, my money mindset got worse because I was conditioned to believe, “As a healer, making money by helping others is ok as long as you don’t make too much.”

As a result, I undervalued my services and underpriced myself.

Then I met my coach. 

I got coached on my money mindset and learned that it wasn’t my skills that were holding me back from having more clients… it was how I thought about money. 

I know it’s most likely the same for you.

Diet Culture and Scarcity Money Mindset Parallels 

Scarcity money mindset is just another gift from diet culture. There are many parallels between diet culture and money mindset. To enjoy wealth would be indulgent. To enjoy food is indulgent. Many of us engage with money with fear just like we do with food and our bodies. 

The good news is that money mindset work is almost the same as body image work so it’s going to a lot faster because you have already “been there, done that.” 

I see results with all my students. Whether they are a student in the Non-Diet Mentorship or Undiet Your Life, every day my students are coaching themselves to build confidence, ask for the promotions, demand the raise, and open and grow their businesses. 

I’m not telling you you have to make a lot of money if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. But I want you to be able to choose.

I don’t want you to not make a lot of money because you think you can’t, or that it’s greedy or bad. I want you to be able to decide. 

4 Money shifts I made since opting out of diet culture 

1. Shift #1 – Money is neutral, just like food and body: 

  • How I think about money impacts how I feel about money and influences all my financial decisions.
  • Today, I choose what I want to think about money. 

2. Shift #2 – Money is a resource:

  • Spending money is an investment. You always get a return on the money you spend. Is that return worth it to you or not? 
  • Where I spend my money has dramatically changed as I liberated myself from diet culture. I used to value spending money on a branded handbag before because I value what other people would think about me. 
  • Today, I bet on myself and trust myself to create the biggest return on my financial investment and spend most of my money on self-development

3. Shift #3 – Every single $ I make in my business is one less $ going to diet culture:

  • Selling is an exchange of value and I have value to offer the world and in exchange for the value, I ask for money. 
  • In Undiet Your Life we are leading a revolution! When small businesses like mine make money, it gives the anti-diet revolution a chance to fight against the weight loss industry. 

4. Shift #4 – My worth isn’t tied to the money I make:

  • I’m innately worthy regardless of how much money I make. 
  • I believe that wanting to make money doesn’t make you greedy or ungrateful.

I invite you to take all the work you have done to opt-out of diet culture and apply it to money. And if you haven’t yet taken the leap of faith to undieting your life, I invite you to experience the freedom around food, the confidence in your body, and create more ease in your life. 

Are you willing to bet on yourself and invest in Undiet Your Life? Are you willing to liberate yourself and hire a 1-1 coach?

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on the 4 Money shifts I made since opting out of diet culture:

  • The thoughts about money people that keep them stuck from making more
  • The parallels between diet culture and scarcity money mindset 
  • The 4 money shifts I made since opting out of diet culture 
  • An invitation to revolutionize the way you think about food, body and money

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