70-Case Study: Creating Clients with Mindset (aka money) & Nervous System Work with Deanna Beaton

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Creating clients with mindset coaching & nervous system regulation with Deanna Beaton


Creating Clients with Mindset Coaching & Nervous System Regulation

Mentorship graduate Deanna Beaton made a huge transformation in her career during the pandemic. She went from being a lifeguard and comedian to a Non-diet Coach and Fitness Trainer.  

The journey to get where she is easily signing new clients, was a journey of self-development and mindset work.

Goal Setting Misunderstanding

Deanna experienced the biggest shift when challenged to make neutral goals in her business. Her past perspective on goals was that she always failed at achieving them and therefore didn’t need to set goals. 

After taking self-responsibility, she now understands that that belief was a misunderstanding about goals. She used to think they were about fixing herself, which only created unproductive feelings that would lead to unproductive actions, resulting in an unproductive reality. 

Now she sees goals as an experiment on who she can become and what she can do. 

Creating Clients With Mindset & Nervous System Work

One of the first goals she set was to reach a certain number of clients in her practice. Before doing mindset work, she was resistant to setting the goal of getting more clients because she assumed that more clients would mean more work and be too hard. 

Her nervous system at that time was not equipped to manage more work. Her first step in achieving nervous system regulation was simply naming her feelings and connecting to the messages her body was giving her. 

She quickly realized that every tactic she had used to grow her business before nervous system regulation would result in overwhelm. She was going through the motions of ‘doing’ but eventually got to the point of feeling frozen in taking any further action. 

Instead of focusing on the actions, she began focusing on her thoughts. This built a strong foundation to continue experimenting and eventually resulted in signing 3 clients. 

Changing her thoughts allowed her to do the work in the energy of service, love and unattachment to the outcome. 

Taking action from a place you want to feel will result in work that is fun, easy and productive. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on Creating Clients with Mindset Coaching & Nervous System Regulation:

  • The importance of nervous system regulation in creating results in your business
  • The myth about the ‘fake it until you make it mentality
  • How building failure capacity requires you to reinvent new stages of yourself

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I’m Stephanie Dodier – Non-Diet Nutritionist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

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The best decision for me personally and for my business!
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Dr. Carolyn Ross

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I would have saved so much money if I had meet Stephanie before!

I would have been so much further in my business if I had consulted with Stephanie at the start of my business. I worked with so many people who said they knew what they were doing but Stephanie is the only who really knows.

Katie Valley, B.Sc.,RHNP

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I earned back my investment in the first 3.5 months and I’m on track to double my first-quarter revenue this quarter!

Working with Stephanie has been the best decision I could have made for my business.

Lisa Newman

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This program fast track my progress with so much clarity- Just do it!

I had so much trouble finding the right coach because no one understands our niche and what we do. How to position our non-diet approach in the market but also how to coach our client effectively. This is something really special and unique about this program and Stephanie.


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