073 – How to Start Believing in Yourself

by | Jul 20, 2017

How to start believing in yourself

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How do you start believing in yourself that you can actually change your life and your relationship with food?

That’s one of the questions I got from a member of my online community “Going Beyond The Food.”

That’s word for word from Vicky. Does it sound familiar to you?

The reason why I decided to share this question with all of you is because I know that Vicky’s question is one that many of us have asked ourselves, but only a few will ever voice out loud.

I know I certainly didn’t voice this question and I struggled with it for years.

From the outside, anyone looking at me and my life would have never thought I didn’t believe in myself. I actually worked very hard so no one could figure it out…like worked so hard that my health collapsed.

So I want to applaud Vicky for asking this question and thankful that she gave me the inspiration for writing this blog and recording this podcast.

I’m grateful for all the women in my online community!

How to Start Believing in Yourself

If you want to learn how to start believing in yourself that you can improve your life, start a new routine or dive deep into your emotional eating. start with one thing… and one thing only.

The first step to ANY change…and I mean ANY, is : Awareness and Acceptance.

Awareness That You Had “Belief in Yourself”

You must be aware that you were born with the capacity to believe in yourself… you were given this magic skill at birth. Believing in yourself is what caused you to evolve and grow up to be a terrible two-year-old toddler, a three-year-old toddler thirsty for knowledge and asking questions…etc. It’s a God-given trait.

If you are asking the question : How do you start believing in yourself that you can actually change your life and relationship with food? It means that somewhere along the way, something happened, someone said something, or perhaps an event caused you to lose or lessen that innate “belief in yourself”.

Belief in ourselves is also fostered by our environment, parents, siblings, elders, and caregivers as we grow up …. It’s reinforced by their words, actions, and reactions to our behaviors, words and/or what some may call achievements.

You may or may not have received this “fuel” from your environment as you lived your life. You may or may not have been supported in growing and nurturing this belief in yourself.

You may have been encouraged to believe in yourself only if you were “good enough” or perfect enough.

Your belief in yourself may have been conditional on something …

There are too many possibilities for me to mention, but I hope you understand the idea that you were born with the ultimate belief in yourself. However, as you journeyed through life, something happened that may have caused you to lose that belief in yourself.

Accept That It is in You to Be Able to Believe in Yourself

The hardest part of learning how to start believing in yourself is actually accepting that you already have that innate belief in yourself.

That’s right…now you know it’s there inside of you. It was just buried under the criticisms and disappointments that have accumulated through the years. Deep down inside, you believe in yourself. Yet somehow, your subconscious mind (aka your ego) is running a loop tape in your mind that leads you to “not believe in yourself” or to doubt yourself.

If this is new to you, I encourage you to read this blog post and listen to Bruce Lipton’s interview  so you can understand the concept of the subconscious mind and ego.

Accepting that you have it in you to believe in yourself is difficult because it may cause you to get out of your own comfort zone.

Accepting that you believe in yourself and acknowledging the fact that some environmental factors may have buried your “self belief” may cause you to actually make the changes that you have been wanting to make.

Accepting that it is as simple as that… you have IT. You simply need to believe that you believe in yourself.

Next Steps to Fostering Your Belief in Yourself

The next step in learning how to start believing in yourself is taking responsibility of the new awareness that you have this innate belief in yourself.how-to-start-believing-in-yourself-3

Take responsibility to work on the “loop tape” running in the background of your mind that says, “I do not believe in myself.” For this topic, I would refer you to a very powerful interview I had with Sean Croxton and his free manual on how to change your mindset.

It’s is possible to change but work needs to be done… Now go out and do it! Do the work, get out of your comfort zone, face you fear, and grow!

Last episode, I had a great interview with Karen Thomson on sugar addiction. If you’ve been battling with eating disorders and sugar addiction, you must listen to this episode! You can access it here

Next episode, we’ll have another powerful story from a guest who has been through a journey from food restriction to food freedom. You’ll want to listen to this episode, so stay tuned!

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