133-Solving the Night Time Eating Problem

night time eating

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Night time eating is real. You aren’t alone! Night time cravings are something that most of us had experienced if not experiencing right now! Night time eating is such a problem these days that it’s actually been made into a disease: The Night Eating Syndrome (NES).  Crazy, right?! 

How do we stop it, prevent it and cope with night time eating desire (aka cravings) 

With anything we need to “heal”, I apply the same formula… Find the root cause(s) (the reason why IT is occurring) and find a solution to address the cause(s) in this case of night time eating. 

If you are looking for x tips to suppress your nighttime cravings… this is not what this is going to be about.  We are going to understand what causes night time eating and then help you “heal” that so that nighttime eating is not an “issue” anymore. 


In this episode I discuss 

  • Why night time eating is classified as a disease
  • How resisting your physical hunger will only worsen your night time eating
  • The importance of respecting and listening to your hunger
  • The relationship between your emotions and night time eating
  • Why having a nightly wind-down routine can help lessen the desire to eat
  • The more effective way of balancing and regulating your hormones


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Last episode, I discussed the 5 steps on how to follow through and how to stick with it.

This episode will surely make a difference for you if you are one of those who find it hard to follow through with your goals like stopping a bad habit or changing an old behavior.

In our world, it maybe about stopping overeating… or eating at night. You want it so bad but after a couple days it gets harder and harder… And then, you don’t follow thru.   

If you find it hard to follow through with your decisions and goals, I highly encourage you to listen up! Click here to listen now. 

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