PRO Series: Success Stories from Non-Diet Practitioners-S2 EP4

Pros Business Success Stories




Non-diet mentorship success stories

In the Non-Diet Mentorship, we change lives. Your life as a coach and the life of your future clients. We do it with ease, less time and greater impact.

We get success for our students and their clients.

Let’s go behind the scenes of that success.

Let’s hear from the current students of the Non-Diet Mentorship Program.

We recorded a live session for this podcast just for you based on your questions:

  • Did you feel scared before investing in your business?
  • How did you overcome your fears of joining the program?
  • Can you share your wins doing this program?
  • Will the mentorship program help me structure my method of working with clients?
  • I feel like a fraud…I can’t launch my BIZ until I’m perfect in my intuitive eating and body image?
  • How do I figure my ideal client and how do I speak to them
  • How do I use my communication to get more clients?
  • I have a tendency to make things complicated… how do I resist it?
  • If the clients don’t reach their goals, what does it mean about me as a coach?
  • How do I make money as a non-diet coach?
  • How to dismantle DC in wellness coaching?

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