293-Rebellious Eating

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Rebellious Eating

Rebellious Eating is when we use food and/or eating in order to resist authority. 

In fact, it’s an action to affirm one’s power of her food, body or existence. 

It is often called overeating, binging, compulsive eating, nighttime eating or even out-of-control eating.

This behavior is not about the food… it’s about resisting authority over us.

When we eat out of control, we eat away from the control of something or someone else.

Rebellious Eating

This behavior is about fighting for our autonomy and agency. Moreover, when we eat rebelliously, we’re actually restoring our autonomy and protecting our boundaries. 

As humans, we’re designed to be autonomous individuals who determine for ourselves when we’re hungry, what we want to eat, and when we’ve had enough. In fact, a part of us will fight for that autonomy until we stop imposing ourselves restrictions.

When you eat rebelliously, you’re actually restoring your autonomy and protecting your boundaries. That is to say, you’re reclaiming your power over food restriction, and ultimately, diet culture. 

This is a good thing! It is a healing process. We were never meant to eat according to someone else’s rules.

It allows us to restore our autonomy from food restriction, diets, eating plans, “ways of eating,”… etc. 

Certainly, this behavior allows us to reclaim our power.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • What is rebellious eating
  • How does it show up in different stages of undieting your life
  • What are you rebelling against?
  • The solution to rebellious eating is counterintuitive

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