321-The Illusion of Eating Better (versus confident eating)

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The illusion of eating better

Why we fantasize about eating better is because somewhere inside of us we think that there is a ‘better’. We think that this better way of eating will give us relief from the low-grade anxiety we feel about our current eating patterns.

We fantasize about it because it gives us a dopamine boost just like any other fantasies – like the fantasy of the thin ideal was going to make us happy, confident and healthy we hope that when we eat better we will feel.

Unfortunately, the thin ideal was not the only fantasy diet culture was leading to disempowerment with…here comes the fantasy of eating better. Yet again reinforcing that how we are and what we do naturally is not good enough.

The illusion of eating better.

We confuse eating healthier with better because better must mean healthier and we think there’s a healthier way of eating than another.

We mistakenly think that what we do naturally MUST not be “better” because we falsely believe we always need “fixing”.

Here’s the truth: there is no healthier way of eating than others. There are as many eating as there are humans and none is better than others.

There’s YOUR way of eating that is best for you. Unfortunately, there’s no guide for the way of eating for YOU or at least not a guide in the way you think of a guide: no paper, no pdf…

The way to eat what is best for you is Self-trust.

Self-trust is the antidote to the illusion of eating better.

Self-trust is a woman’s SUPERPOWER because it’s the one thing that scares the living shit of oppressive systems aiming at disempowering us… when we trust ourselves we are unstoppable.

When are in a state of self-trust

  • we have clarity- test to know what, when and how to eat BUT must have more important clarity to know what we want for our life and what we don’t want.
  • what is right for the US not to confirm what is right for others.
  • we express ourselves freely
  • we know how to care for ourselves; physical, mental, and emotional
  • we chase our dreams

Let’s see what it takes to be in a state of self-trust.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • Why we fantasize about eating better
  • The solution to the illusion of eating better
  • How we do one thing is how we do everything
  • The role of self-trust in gentle nutrition

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