240-What Are You Hungry For?

What are you hungry for


What are you hungry for? 

What are we truly hungry for? Is it food? If it was, then eating will appease our hungers. But it doesn’t. That we crave, overeat, binge we never feel full. It’s not enough and feels like it’s never going to be enough. So, if food was the answer to our hunger then we would feel full. But it’s not. 

Could it be that what we are hungry for is not food? Is it possible that we “think” is food hunger is actually a hunger for something else? 

What I’m proposing to you today in this episode is to consider that what you think is a food issue is not. I would like you to consider that hunger can be for something else beyond food. 

In this episode of What are you hungry for, we will:

  • explore two basic human needs that could present itself as hunger but aren’t need for food
  • explore how you can satisfy these basic human needs

Know that this information we share today in this episode is extremely powerful and can cause you to be upset at first… and it’s ok. It’s part of the healing process. 


“The truth will set you free,  

but first it will piss you off.” 

-Gloria Steinem 


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