163-Smart Women Don’t Diet… and What They Do Instead

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Smart women don’t diet… they do THIS instead.

After 27 years of dieting, I’m clear on one thing… diets don’t work.

91% of all women are unhappy about their body and resort to dieting.

We think that a “thin” body is going to unlock our happiness, our acceptance, our joy.

And 95% of all dieters regain their all weight within 1-5 years.

Yet we keep dieting. We keep hating our body. We keep judging ourselves for our inability to be in freaking control… yet neuroscience is clear: WILLPOWER is a limited resource.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”– Albert Einstein

The question is… are you?

After making peace with food and my body by going beyond the food as a nutritionist and looking at what was really driving our desire to eat and judge our body, today, I help women do one thing: Transform your relationship to food and body so you can….

*FEEL BETTER about YOUR body as it is today without having to lose anything.

*BE HEALTHIER in your body and mind as you make aligned choices.
*Finally no longer being controlled by food instead, having the power to say yes or no.

*Being able to release the emotional blocks that keep you stuck.

*Be at peace with your body, eating and most importantly, yourself so you can be happy NOW… not conditional to losing something.

If you’re not sure if you need more peace around food or your body OR if you are the right fit for the food freedom challenge, I have the perfect thing for you…

Get Your Food Freedom Score

Today, we are going to find out how you fare on the scale of food freedom (10 questions only). Are you “normal eater” and have no emotional attachment or control issue with food? Or are you a woman that is being controlled by food?

… And worst-case scenario, you’ll spend 90 seconds seeing what could be possible for you that maybe you aren’t ready for in your life or maybe you’ll have a realization that what you thought was a healthy relationship to food isn’t?

Who knows what will be the outcome of this 90 secs assessment score?!?!

Get Your Food Freedom Score

In this episode I discuss

  • The real reason why smart women don’t diet
  • Why I don’t talk about weight loss and my programs are not designed 
  • Why your intention is key in changing the way you eat
  • The truth about why diets don’t work

Last episode, I talked about the “All or Nothing Mindset” trap. This absolutist thinking is one of the most common denominators in our Going Beyond The Food community. It’s the source of many emotional eating loops, overeating weekends and restricted food binges.

In fact, this all or nothing mindset is a negative thought process also known as cognitive distortion. Everything- from food to your views of yourself to professional life– is divided into black or white terms. Everything is either success or failure.

So, this episode focused on defining this mindset and providing you with a step-by-step solution to the “black or white” mentality.

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