134-Ask Me: Why Do I Continue to Do Things When I Know They’re Going to Cause Me Grief?


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Why do I continue to do things when I know they’re going to cause me grief?  I’ve asked myself this question for years and thought something was deeply wrong with me. I wasn’t able to stop eating chips… It’s like my mind was possessed by someone else. I would do it knowingly I was to regret it after and wished I didn’t do it. Why is that? 

I found the answer to my question and I felt so relieved that it wasn’t actually something wrong with me but instead it was because of my subconscious mind and that I could fix it!

That’s the same question Rain sent me… Ready? Let’s dive into why we do things we know will not help us achieve our goals and what we can do about it.

In this episode I discuss 

  • The powerful role your subconscious mind plays in all your food decisions
  • How your current situation is serving you in some way – Is it the ‘more’ beneficial way?
  • How important is self-love in decision-making towards doing things that can cause you grief?
  • Why your “Why” is so important


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