075 – #1 Strategy to Break Emotional Eating

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#1 strategy to break emotional eating

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I received a phenomenal question from one of our community members, and I knew so many of your would benefit from it. Here is the exact question I have received from Emily from our community: “What is your #1 strategy to break emotional eating ( or addiction) and is it even possible to do without outside (and regular) support/ help?”

Well, let me get this out of the way first: Is it possible to stop emotional eating without outside help/ support? Yes and yes, BUT you need to first be aware and accept the following concept that I’m about to explain to you. If you know this concept and accept it at your core, then yes it can be done without outside help.

So what is that concept? Well it’s going to sound very simplistic and for some unbelievable. So stay open and stay with me…

You Can’t BREAK Emotional Eating

If you’re looking for the #1 strategy to break emotional eating, then here’s some news: You can’t break emotional eating because there is NOTHING to break. I know this may sound completely crazy and unbelievable to many of you… but trust me it’s true.

Emotional eating is not a habit to be broken, not a disease to be treated, not a lack of discipline or weakness to be strengthened or a way that your body is letting your down. It is process in which your mind/ body is trying to communicate with you.

Emotional eating is a way in which your body is trying to tell you that something is out of balance. Trying to break a natural communication process between you and your body / mind/ spirit is a sure way to fail or even more cause more problems!

That you are asking “what is the #1 strategy to break emotional eating “ means that you know that the cause of your eating is rooted in your emotions, which is, in my world, an advanced thought. Most people aren’t aware that a part or all of their cravings is in fact caused by their emotions. So good for you to know that!

If You Can’t Break Emotional Eating, Then What?

If you can’t break emotional eating, then what can you do to stop emotional eating? Well, I want you to replace “break” with “understanding”.

Given that emotional eating is a communication process between you and your body/ mind/ spirit, the only way to prevent this is to keep this communication channel open. It’s about listening — listening to what your body /mind /spirit is trying to tell you and take action.

The moment you stop fighting with your emotional eating and start listening, a major breakthrough will happen. I promise that it works!

To listen to your cravings, you must get quiet and connect with yourself. I call this process “The Crave Cure Formula”. You can do this easily via a simple breathing exercise and time. To know more about the “Crave Cure Formula,” go right here.

My #1 Strategy for Emotional Eating

My #1 strategy for emotional eating is simple yet challenging — listening. Listening can be overwhelming, or for some, scary. You see, today’s world is not conducive to listening to ourselves. It’s actually the opposite. It seems that solutions to almost every ache and pain that people sell to us require something “outside” of ourselves.

That’s why my answer to “Is it possible to stop emotional eating without outside (and regular) support/ help?” I say a strong YES! Because the real solution comes from within, from listening in. No one else can do that for us but ourselves. We can be taught how to listen, which is what Crave Cure Program does. But the actual process of healing emotional eating can only be done by us, internally.

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Last episode, I talked about food restriction and freedom with special guest on the show. Meghan Doll is an eating disorder survivor who shared her story of hope and recovery with us. You can listen to the inspiring and insightful episode here

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