114 – Ask Me: Why Do I Keep Overeating When I Know Better?


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Why do I keep overeating when I know better? We did a survey last 2 weeks and this is the #1 question you asked. I get it… this used to be mine, too. There is a reason and it’s pretty easy… thought much secret because it’s never talked about. It doesn’t fit in the traditional weight & fitness model. In one way you can say, “It’s not your fault… yet!”

In this episode I discuss 

  • The one thing that the fitness, diet and medical industries do not want you to know about overeating and self-sabotage
  • My personal story how I overcome overeating and the feelings that go with it – terrible, frustrated, shame… You name it!
  • The whole science behind why do I keep overeating
  • What causes you to self-sabotage
  • The #1 reason why willpower, discipline and restriction do not work to achieve long-term success

Last episode, Samantha Gladish, the hormones Fixer-Upper, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and weight loss coach talks about the master influencer when it comes to your hormone & hunger and shares with us her 3-step process to heal your hormone BEYOND THE FOOD and live a life we love. Check it out!

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