120-Ask me:Self-Compassion Lesson


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What does it even mean to be self-compassionate? We give compassion to others without difficulties, however, when it comes the time for us to be more compassionate towards ourselves… that’s a struggle. Today, will explore first what is self-compassion and why it’s so important to the mastery of our relationship to food.

In this episode I discuss 

  • The 3-step process to Self-Compassion
  • How Self-Compassion Impacts our relationship to food, weight and self-worth
  • The real reason why you struggle to have self-compassion
  • What you need to do to shift your thinking to have self-compassion
  • How to Practice Self-Compassion

Last episode , I discussed the 5 big mistakes even smart women do when trying to stop emotional eating.  Not just the mistakes, but we also explored the  reasons why make those mistakes, the lessons and the possible solution for you to eventually achieve your goal. I highly recommend you listen to this powerful episode. Check it out now!

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