119-Emotional Eating:5 Mistakes Women Do When Trying to Stop

Emotional Eating: 5 Mistakes

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You are a smart woman and results in your life show it, however, your relationship to food is still a challenge. You know you shouldn’t be eating every night when chilling in front of the TV or hiding to eat your chocolate, so your partner doesn’t see you. The reason why you are still challenged with food is likely because you are making one of the same 5 mistakes that took me years to learn… but so easy to fix! 

In this episode I discuss 

  • 5 big MISTAKES even smart women do when trying to stop emotional eating
    • We want the quick fix
    • We are insane!
    • We are suppressing
    • Being perfectionist
    • We let fear lead us
  • The REASONS why we commit those mistakes when addressing emotional eating
  • The LESSONS we need to learn to approach emotional eating the right way
  • The possible SOLUTION for you to guide and help you with your journey of eliminating emotional eating 


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Last episode , I answered another community question which is from a type A woman. I discussed the characteristics of type A personality and also cited examples of what this personality is so prone to doing. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about negative personality here. We’re talking about driven and successful women in almost everything.  But let me tell you this… the way this personality does it in any other aspect of her life does not prove successful when it comes to food. You’re wondering why? Listen to the episode now! You wouldn’t wanna miss it!

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