121-Ask Me: How to Release Control When I Have None… Live Coaching with Susan

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How can I release control when I have none? That’s the question from Susan today. The real question is: Is control the way for her to get the results she wants? In this live coaching call, we explored the possible root causes of her lack of control when it comes to eating and what releasing control on eating really meant for her. Listen to this live step-by-step conversation on how Susan managed to look at her life in a totally different perspective with guided questions and powerful coaching on how to proceed.

In this episode I discuss 

  • How to release control when you have none
  • How to deal with or ‘fix’ our emotional relationship to food
  • Why revisiting childhood can be key in understanding our current mindset and self-image
  • Powerful tools you can use to tackle emotional eating
  • How to manifest freedom in our lives in true ways BEYOND THE FOOD

Last episode , I gave you a powerful message on self-compassion. We explored what self-compassion is and why it’s so important to the mastery of our relationship to food. I highly recommend you listen to this insightful episode. You might just need more self-compassion! Check it out now.

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