231- Your Child’s Body Image with Katie Crenshaw

231- Your-childs-body-image


In today’s episode, we’ll learn about your child’s body image.

“How can I positively influence my child’s body image?” That’s a reoccurring thought in many mom’s minds.

Many moms will say openly: “The last thing I want to teach my daughter is to pass on my issues with food and body”.

If this is you, you’ve got to listen to this episode of the Going Beyond The Food Show. I recently discovered an amazing book that will help you as a mom to open the communication about body image with your child “Her Body Can”, @herbodybooks.

As many know, I strongly believe in lived experience and I’m not a mother so… I asked a mom to come on the show and chat about this. She’s also the author of this powerful children’s body image book.

Our guest for this very important topic is Katie Crenshaw. Katie is a mom of 3 children between the age of 3-11 years old.

Katie is a lifestyle blogger and the author of Her Body Can. “Her Body Can” is a #1 Best-selling Children’s Book of poetic self-love and body positivity declarations for all young girls.

Her book aims to encourage our girls to create a reality for themselves in which they love themselves and their bodies for exactly who and what they are, instead of learning to judge themselves and hate their bodies for what they are not.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode about your child’s body image:

  • Katie’s experience as a mom of 3 with body image conversation
  • How a former chronic dieter, now a mom of 3, engage with food with her family
  • The role of mom in the evolution of kids’ body image
  • A very important message for all moms

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