131-Ask Me: I Can’t Figure Out Why I Overeat?

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figure out why I overeat


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“I can’t figure out why I overeat and it’s so frustrating”. This question of Emma is a very common question. The answer is easy and it’s inside of you. There are tools to help you find this answer…

Most women have a good handle on food. More often than not, we make the best choices possible in selecting food and determining how much we should eat. Yet, we still overeat despite knowing the reason why we do it. But, is the reason that we are thinking the real cause of our overeating? You are probably thinking, “If it’s not the real reason, then how do I figure out why I overeat?”

In this coaching episode, you will learn how to find the root cause of overeating. This is very important because only you can know what they truly are.

In this episode I discuss 

  • What is overeating and how to find the reason why we overeat?
  • What are the four bodies of a human being and which ones are often neglected when it comes to overeating?
  • The reasons why we only look at our physical body when dealing with food
  • The technique to truly connect with yourself so you can get your body’s message?

The six questions to ask yourself so you can find your own imbalances

  1. Is there a certain time of day or physical location where I binge or feel intense cravings? What does this time or location represent for me emotionally? 
  2. I eat when I’m not physically hungry, it’s because
  3. What is my inner-critic telling me [specifically] before, during, and after eating?
  4. What would I say to someone who wanted advice who had eating habits similar to me? 
  5. If I eat to cope with X, where does the X go? 
  6. What am I craving in life (beyond food) that I’m using food to fulfill?  


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Last episode, I had a very powerful conversation with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth. We talked about why the level of satisfaction and pleasure we find in our sexual life has a direct impact on our desire for food.  Dr. Meuth taught us a process to raise our feminine essence that will lead to a more fulfilling sex life and less cravings… for chocolate! You gotta check out this episode!

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