130-Sexuality: The Missing Link to Healing Emotional Eating with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

sexuality and emotional eating

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If I say that there is a close link between your cravings and love, every lady would agree… but what about our sexuality? Dr. Meuth explains why the level of satisfaction and pleasure we find in our sexual life has a direct impact on our desire for food… at least for emotional eaters which most of us are.

Dr. Meuth will teach us a process to raise our feminine essence that will lead to a more fulfilling sex life and less cravings… for chocolate! 

In this episode I discuss 

  • The relationship between sexuality and emotional eating
  • The importance of sexual pleasure and intimacy to women
  • What is feminine essence and why women try to suppress it
  • The reason to reconnect with our sexual feminine selves and how to do it
  • Why our relationship to food should not dictate our sexuality

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Last episode, I had a very insightful conversation with Dr. Kari Anderson. We talked about food insecurity and how it directly affects our relationship to food. She also explained how the simple thought of deprivation can set a chain reaction in your brain that will drive cravings, binging or overeating. Ultimately, she takes us through step by step how this happens into our mind and provides one of the most efficient solutions to not only prevent but heal food insecurities. I highly recommend you listen to this powerful episode!

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