141-I Just Need to Be Tougher on Myself… An Easier Way!

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need to be tougher on myself

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I Just Need to Be Tougher on Myself… An Easier Way!

Are you using discipline towards yourself as a motivator? Or at least hoping that it will motivate you?

So many of us have been using that motivational “stick” for years… maybe even decades… without really being successful. Moreover, we keep trying and saying to ourselves: If I can be tougher on myself, it would work…” Or “I’m just too soft… if only I could be tougher”… We keep shaming ourselves, beating ourselves up or punishing ourselves for “bad” behaviors in the hopes that it will finally work.

Where did we learn this concept? That harsh discipline is the best behavioral change method… likely how we were raised, right? Is that the way you were taught to be a good girl?

Let’s be real honest here… How’s that “being tough” on yourself working for ya? Not so good, right… so, what can we do instead?

In this episode I discuss 

  • What self-loathing and self-criticism really do to you
  • Where the belief  “I need to be tougher on myself” come from
  • How your parents or caregivers impact the way you deal with your own behavior changes 
  • What science says about the behavior of self-loathing and self-criticism
  • The real effective methods in behavioral change that you should be adopting


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