146-Ask Me: My Weight Struggle As A Nutritionist

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overcoming weight struggle


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Overcoming Weight Struggle As A Nutritionist

Stephanie, how do you deal with your weight struggle?

This was the starting point of this episode. A podcast listener submitted this question, and I sat on it for weeks.

At first, I’ve got to be honest, I took offense… then I reflected. Why is this offensive to me?

Because I know that answering this question is going to ruffle feathers. My viewpoint on weight is significantly different from most health experts’. I live it every day… since the age of 14.

To answer this properly, I also I had to answer these 2 questions:

Why do you think you need to answer people who challenge your weight?

People who say harming yourself by not dieting?

So, this is a beast of an episode… likely one that will upset many… but also one that will help many. I knew that in writing this episode, a hundred one women would have their AH AH moment that would enable them to start their own transformation.

Are you going to be one of them?

In this episode I discuss 

  • My personal journey from my dieting years towards transforming my life and overcoming weight struggle
  • What drove me toward my transformation
  • Why investing in yourself is key in developing a healthy relationship with yourself
  • The many reasons why I ditch the diet mindset
  • How I deal with people who challenge me with my weight

Last episode was a very special episode of The Beyond The Food Show podcast. I teach the Food Freedom Map 4 steps process. This Map will move you from being a victim of your food habits to eating when hungry and stopping when full. Yes, eating normally. 

If you are tired of dieting, over-exercising, and yet another fad program… Or, you are overeating or binging and wish you could just be a normal eater, and are fed up by these scenarios, you gotta listen in! Click here. 

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Links mentioned in the episode:

Listen to Episode 101 – From Shame to Fame: My Never-Before-Shared Personal Story 

Research linking eating disorder and low self-esteem:

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overcoming weight struggle


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