147- Quiz: Is It Time to Try the Non-food Approach? Is it Time to Stop Dieting?

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Is It Time to Stop Dieting?

“Have I ever done anything else than dieting? Could it be why I’m constantly failing? Should I be trying something else? Is it time to stop dieting?”

Do you ask yourself these questions, too? If you do, this episode is FOR YOU!

As we’ve all heard Einstein’s famous line, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So, perhaps it’s time you try the non-food/non-diet approach. But what is it?

Let’s imagine your car’s engine light starts blinking. What would you do? Would you, A- Open the dashboard, take the light bulb out and say to yourself, “Hah! I’ve resolved the problem. There’s no more engine light blinking.” Or B- Will say to yourself, “There’s something going on. Let me get into my mechanic and have him assess the issue to fix the root cause of the blinking engine light.”

I want you to think of dieting as situation A. Dieting, restricting anything about food is like taking the light bulb out of the dashboard. You’re controlling the input of food in your body. It doesn’t solve the problem. All it does is stop the light from blinking. 

So, how do we go about addressing the reason why we crave food?

In this episode I discuss 

  • The reason why you should stop dieting and try the non-food approach
  • An informal assessment you can use to know where you are in your personal journey towards your relationship to food
  • Why the traditional approach does not work and what you should do instead
  • The Beyond the Food Method and why it has the power to transform your relationship to food 

Last episode was a beast of an episode… likely one that will upset many… but also one that will help many. I answered a listener question, “How do you deal with your weight struggle?” At first, I’ve got to be honest, I took offense… then I reflected. Why is this offensive to me?

Because I know that answering this question is going to ruffle feathers. My viewpoint on weight is significantly different from most health experts’. I live it every day… since the age of 14.

If you are one of the hundreds of women who have the same struggle, you gotta listen in! You might just find something you’ve been looking for to start your transformation. Click here. 

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I’m Stephanie Dodier – Clinical Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating expert, host of the Going BeyondTheFood podcast, and Creator of the Going BeyondTheFood Method™️, which was born from my own journey with chronic dieting & body image and has since grown into a global movement.

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