155-Why You’re Stuck and What to Do!


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Why You’re Stuck and What to Do

Do you feel stuck?  

You want to change yet you can’t get started or perhaps you’ve started the process of change and it’s not getting you where you want to be? 

I hear a version of that everytime I engage with a new client. I mean, I’ve been there myself. There is part of my life in which I’m there right now. 

There is a reason why you are stuck and no, it’s not because something is wrong with you or the program you‘re on. In fact, the reason is in between your two ears. The solution is in your mind… and your heart. 

In this episode, we are going to break down the stages of changes and why no one in this community is in stage one, which means everyone is engaged in the process of change. You’re all in between stages 2-5… And maybe 6. 

Moreover, we’re also going to hear from someone who is in stage 4 which is where most of my students are. Ready to engage in stage 5-6! 

In this episode I discuss 

  • The reason why you’re stuck and the actionable strategies to make profound and steady changes in your life
  • Why you view change as a process of giving something up rather than a means of gaining benefits
  • Perfection is a goal-killer: What not to expect in the process of making changes 
  • The 6 stages of changes – with focus on stages 1-4 where many women are

Last episode, I talked about what most women in my community usually ask: how to stop binging cycles. First of all, I discussed the definition of binging. In addition, I highlighted how binging cycles happen as well as the brain mechanism behind it – the reason why your brain leads you to binge cycles and where it comes from. 

Ultimately, I shared the solution to stop binging cycles. The solution that is within us. If you’re one of these women who’s asking the same questions, I encourage you to listen in! Click here. 

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