Body Messages: A Personal Story

 body message-stephaniedodier.comWhat are body messages?

As I teach the ladies in my tribe, think of it as a knock on the door. It is a way your physical body talks to you.

Let me give you an example from my own life…

Body Messages: My Personal Story 

My latest project of taking my nutrition practices and my business in the stratosphere in the online world is so scary, yet so exciting all at once. I have fears just like all of you. Fear is an absolute normal emotion. Fear means that we are working outside of our comfort zone which also means that we are growing.

My comfort zone didn’t include being in front of a camera because of my body image. I had huge issues looking at myself in the mirror – let alone having someone take a picture of me.

I have conquered this fear by working on my body image during the past three years. Am I now super comfortable to be in front of a camera? No, I’m not but it is much better than it was. I can now see beauty when I look at pictures of myself… I can see now what others see…because we are all beautiful. Yes, we are.

This weekend was another one of these moments in my life – professional photo shoot with a designer, makeup artists, and the best photographer in town.

Body messages

I felt nervous for 3-4 days leading up to the shoot.

I was anxious and craving carbs.

My body was tense which, for me, equals pain in my lower back.

I had poor sleep quality the night before.

I listened and observed my body messages with interest. I realized through my body that this experience was a huge and significant step for me in my life journey because of the intensity of the messages. I didn’t worry about the “symptoms” (body messages) or take a sleeping pill or supplement to help me sleep. Rather, I enjoyed the process. I felt the sensation in my body of each body message and was grateful for the growth that was happening within myself.

How to listen to your body messages

What are your body messages when you are working outside your comfort zone?

Do you listen to your body messages or simply ignore them?

Do you find that your body messages are just an annoyance?

You just can’t wait to shut them down with food or another drug of choices?

Guess what happened the day of the shoot? I had the best time of my life with the best team…. I shared with my team of three brand new people that I had never meet before, my life journey and my anxiousness about the day.

I was vulnerable and shared in a positive manner so they resounded with nothing but love for me on my journey. Without their support, I couldn’t have put my true self out there and the pictures wouldn’t have been nearly as gorgeous and powerful as they are. I’m so grateful that I have crossed paths with these three professional and loving human beings – Nikki, Luis and Onna = xoxox. I will forever be grateful to have met you.


Listen and Feel

Listen to your body messages aka symptoms, disease, discomfort and imbalances with care, patience and love.

Feel your body messages – the intensity, the location, when, where and how it happens.

Learn from your body messages.

Make decisions in your life based on your body messages and on the communication between you and your body.

Everything happens for a reason for the best outcome possible.

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2 Responses to “Body Messages: A Personal Story”

  1. Pauline Pierson says:

    I love listening and learning from you Stephanie. You are an inspiration bundle of JOY. Congratulations on your new journey. I’m on your coat tails.

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