110 – Mastering Your Food Cravings – The Low Carb Universe Conference 2017

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The Low Carb Universe


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In this episode I discuss  

The Low Carb Universe is a unique international event. As much focus is brought forward to nutrition as it is to mind and body approach to health. It’s more than a conference. It’s a retreat… luxurious hotel, small group workshop, one-on-one interaction with speakers. This event is perfect for me to teach at as it models my beliefs… Mind, body and soul experience. Mastering Your Food Cravings was the main talk I performed at the event… and was voted #1 and most appreciated talk! You get to listen in for free…

Mastering Your Food Cravings – The Low Carb Universe Conference 2017

It was truly an honor for me to be invited to deliver my signature talk – Mastering Your Food Cravings at the Low Carb Universe conference. The talk that touches people’s hearts when I’m on the road, when I’m at conferences or when I meet people for the first time. Normally, I am not allowed to share those talks because they are proprietary to the conferences that I speak to, but the organizers of the Low Carb Universe, Hanna and Bitte did me a huge favor and allowed me to share this with you on this podcast. This a live recording of the talk that I did. It had a phenomenal reception during the event that so many people came to me a day or two after secretly pulling me aside and told me how the event and how my talk had changed their lives.

Mastering Your Food Cravings is about teaching people what it means to go beyond the food, how we go about healing and crushing our craving by addressing our thoughts, mindset and emotions and the whole science behind it.

Have a look at the photos I took during my recent speaking engagement there.

View from the drive to the Hotel…

The Low Carb Universe


No more to say…


Another speaker and my friend, Sean Mynar…

The Low Carb Universe 3


Street view beside the hotel

The Low Carb Universe 4


This is the hotel Espléndido… view from the port!

The Low Carb Universe 5


Amazing view from the hotel…

The Low Carb Universe 6


And me… delivering Mastering Your Food Craving at The Low Carb Universe Conference 2017

The Low Carb Universe 1


Next Event: KetoLadies

If you register to the event as a listener of the Beyond the Food Show, I’ll do a special workshop just for you as I go back to the beautiful island of Mallorca for another speaking engagement at the gorgeous hotel on March 8-11, 2018. It’s a retreat which is very intimate which gives you access to the speakers. It’s a one-of-kind event which you can give as Christmas gift from you to you!

Last week’s episode, we were joined by Isabel Foxen Duke and she talked about the OTHER reason why we overeat and binge. This episode will surely rock your world. You don’t wanna miss this one! You can listen to the episode here. 

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