122-Breaking Down Self-Sabotage


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Self-sabotage doesn’t have to be… it’s a choice. We choose to self-sabotage, first, because we do not even know we are self-sabotaging and second, we let ourselves be led by the #1 driver of self-sabotage: Fear. Pay close attention to this episode it has the power to change your life! I’m serious … let’s do this!

In this episode I discuss 

  • How self-sabotage happen
  • The reason why self-sabotage happen
  • Is self-sabotage a way of self-protection?
  • How to stop being a victim of Self-Sabotage
  • How can Self-Sabotage be something positive in your life?

Last episode , we had Susan in the show and she asked, “How can I release control when I have none?” We did live coaching and went in depth by asking her some questions that may be key to her current issues. I highly recommend you check this insightful episode. You might just learn from her personal story and challenges! Check it out now.

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