205-Cyclical Living & Surrendering Control to Connect with Your Inner Cues with Kate Northrup

by | Sep 12, 2019

205-Cyclical Living-Stephanie Dodier

On today’s episode, we’ll talk about cyclical living

If our body is wise enough to know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat… what else can it do for us? 

What else can we learn from our womanly body?

According to a study from the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, fluctuations of hormones over the monthly menstrual cycle play a crucial role in our emotional status, appetite, thought processes, and so much more. Women reported high levels of well-being and self-esteem during the middle of the cycle in the study. Increased feelings of anxiety, hostility, and depression were reported before their period.

Cyclical Living

Our egg wisdom is perhaps for us women another expression of our innate body wisdom. When I say egg wisdom, I’m referring to the wisdom of our female cycle. This wisdom that is our female cycle is wise enough to create life from… an egg and a sperm. What else can it do for us?

Over the last year, I became really acquainted with my female cycle and discovered a whole new world of intuition. The more I got familiar with how my body spoke to me through my cycle, the more I realized that this is the extension of intuitive eating and also body neutrality.

cyclical living

Source: Cycle Synching

Body Neutrality & Cycle Synching

Body neutrality teaches us to engage with our body as a whole and be grateful for all that it does for us… to care for our body. To build a relationship of trust and respect with our body and for all that it does for us.

As women, having a relationship with our cycle is part of body neutrality. Cycling is an exponential opportunity for us to connect with our body at a much deeper level. It’s no secret that at different stages of our cycle, we look, feel, and act differently. Moreover, observing our cycles and all that it creates in our bodies allows us to gather information and fully comprehend how symbiotic we are as women.

Intuitive Eating & Cyclical Living

Intuitive eating requires us to shift from external cues to internal cues when it comes to eating and health. To eat intuitively, we need to be able to connect with our innate body wisdom just like with cyclical living.

Intuitive eating teaches us that we have this innate ability to know how to nourish our bodies via our intuition. What else can we learn from our intuitive food decision?

In my opinion, there’s a deep connection between cyclical living and intuitive eating.

The stepping stone to eating intuitively is to develop interoception. This is the ability to feel and tap into our internal body cues. In the case of intuitive eating, these cues are hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Practicing cyclical living will enhance your ability to be an intuitive eater.

On today’s episode, Kate Northrup, an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother is going to teach us how to tap into the wisdom of our cycle to do less and improve our self-worth.

Kate has built a digital empire and is committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. 

What you’ll learn listening to episode 205 of the Going Beyond The Food podcast:

  • How we’ve learned to seek self-worth externally 
  • The impact of patriarchal society on women’s self-worth
  • Why seeking self-worth externally is a forever never-ending loop 
  • What is cyclical living and how you can implement it in your life
  • The deep connection between our cycle wisdom and body image
  • How to connect Intuitive Eating and cyclical living

Mentioned on the show:

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