136-Ask Me: Need Permission to Be Imperfect? Here It Is!

permission to be imperfect

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If you think that being perfect is still the best strategy in your attempt to reach your goal, you need to listen to this audio. If you have been trying to be perfect and are tired of striving for perfection… You too need to listen to this audio. 

For years, I‘ve attempted to be perfect in all parts of my life… work, relationship and weight. Did it work? Well in part: Work: yesHomeyes Relationship: no;  Weight: no   

And then one day, I realized via a lot of selfdevelopment work that I was perfect as I was right then and there… now. It was a journey to unlearn the thinking pattern but it worked 

That’s what I’ll share with you today: Why being perfect shouldn’t be your goal and what to aim for instead. And lastly, the 3step process to overcome the need to be perfect! 

In this episode I discuss 

  • Who must give you permission to be imperfect?
  • What to do when you feel fear of being found out?
  • Where the feeling of fear of being imperfect come from and how they impact our relationship to food and life
  • The 3-Step Process to Body Neutrality – the bridge between shaming and positivity
    1. Self-Acceptance
    2. Cease Comparison – Stop comparing yourself to others. 
    3. Being Brave – Burry the picture of the perfect _____ (insert your word) and uncover yourself!


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Last episode, I talked about the photo of myself in a bathing suit that I posted on Instagram last week and wrote a short post on my thoughts… Never expecting what happens next. This opened up a whole new discussion on body image.

And in this episode, I talked about Body Neutrality.  It is a liberating new concept in which you accept your body for what it is without judgment and hoping for better. Not good, aka body positivity; NOT bad, body shaming. In the middle. Neutral. Grateful for what your body does for you without wanting to brag about it. Curious how it can actually help you? Note: This might just change your life! Click here. 

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