Business Transition to Non-Diet Model

business transition

The business transition from traditional model of nutrition and health to the non-diet model can be scary but also can be life-changing.

As with everything in life, how you approach the need for you to transition your business will make the journey scary, filled with anxiety and uncertainties OR you will make the journey pleasurable, filled with learnings and growth both personally and professionally.

I want you to take a moment and reflect upon your client and patient for a moment. When they come to you and you stand in front of them presenting Intuitive eating and the non-diet approach to health.

Does your client feel scared at the thought of not dieting? Hell yess…

Do they feel anxious about potentially gaining weight? Hell yess…

Are they uncomfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen? Hell yess…

Most of your clients will trust you and move forward following your guidance. Leaning into you for leadership. They will face their fears because the pain of staying into diet culture is greater than the one of facing their fears.

This episode is for all of you, Health PRO’s that know that making the transition to non-diet model is the right thing to do but are crippled with fear. I ask you to be as courageous as the people who daily face their fear and ditch diet culture, make peace with their body and overcome fatphobia.

Rachel’s story of transition

The best way for me to express the possibilities that are in front of you is not with teaching but instead with inspiration. The best way I know to inspire is with lived experience.

I’m welcoming a colleague, a good friend, and mentee, Rachel Molenda. Rachel will be sharing her lived experience as she transitioned her business over the last 12 months to the non-diet model.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • Rachel’s origin story
  • How her own relationship to food led her to this work.
  • Rachel did a traditional model very successfully
  • Rachel shared how she was trying to be someone else
  • “I was living my life as a fiction” moment that changed everything
  • The business transition step by step
  • The transition culminates with the launch The BreakFree method
  • Right now, Rachel is learning intuitive living

Connect with our guest

Rachel’s website
Rachel’s Instagram
Rachel’s Podcast
Break Free Method

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