116 – Ask Me: What I resist persists… Why is it so?

what you resist persists

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What you resist persists – Carl Jung. This quote inspired a Community member to bring this question forward: The more I focus on losing the last X pounds the harder it becomes. Why? “ Sometimes it appears that the more we work hard on getting rid of something or change what we think of as negative about us just becomes bigger and hard. Here’s the fact…. What we focus on becomes bigger including the more undesirable things we want to change about us. Let me explain…

In this episode I discuss 

  • Why is it that the harder you focus the worse it gets – what you resist persists
  • The role of quantum physics in the human life
  • What we really are as human beings
  • The solution to that one thing you want to change the most about you
  • The major emotion that directly impacts your behaviors and situation
  • Where and how to find your happiness

Last episode of Ask Me, I answered another listener question, “I’ve tried everything, but nothing works!” In this insightful episode, you will discover why you should stop blaming yourself and the importance of understanding the concept of mindset and the matrix of knowledge and awareness. You don’t wanna miss this!

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