174-Your Past Doesn’t Define You or Your Future!

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Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Do you let your past failure define your today?

Perhaps you think you are limited in your future possibilities because of your past failure?

“I have tried so many diets and programs and failed; that I can’t bear to go to my husband with another program, especially one that costs $800+. I simply can’t go to my husband with yet another “magical pill” …. he won’t understand; even if we could afford it.” – Going Beyond The Food Academy scholarship applicant

This type of message is unfortunately very frequent when we open our scholarship program. It saddens me because so many of us let our past define who we can be in the future.

The truth is…

You are not the choices you’ve made.

You are not the child you once were.

No, you are not your failed marriage.

You are not the setbacks of yesterday.

Neither you are the bad things that have happened to you.

You can be that woman that wakes up tomorrow morning and that say I’m not doing this anymore…

I’m going to figure this out.

I’ll do this by my morale, my value. I’m going to be honest with myself.

Because I decided that this is me.

And because I decided I’m NOT my past!

You are the person who LEARNS from a great deal of her past experiences.

And because you are processing these experiences correctly, you’ll have the happier life, the health and the confidence to achieve what you want.

That’s what this episode is about… I’ll share with you the process that I use to NOT be my past!

In this episode I discuss

  • The Past Guides Our Choices — It Doesn’t Make Our Choices For Us
  • What happens IF you stopped beating yourself up
  • How to not be defined by your past diet failure: My 4 step-process

Last episode I talked about the elephant in the room… yes, I talked about weight loss. If you’re one of those women who wanna lose weight, you are not alone. I was there for many years along with millions of other women just like you.  

The truth is 91% of women are unhappy about their body and seek weight loss as a solution. It’s basic human need to be accepted by our tribe and peers, therefore to be “normal”. 

All we want to be “normal”, we want to be confident in our body and image.  We are ready to do what needs to get done to feel “normal” in our bodyFor most of us in this community, this desire to be “normal weight” has gone one of two ways: we did lose weight at some point but it didn’t “stick” OR we haven’t yet attempted to lose weight because we are so afraid of failure and change.  

Why is it that we can’t do what we deeply desire? Curious? You gotta listen to this episode. Click here!

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