138-Ask Me: Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

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things I'm afraid to tell you

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Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

There are some things I’m afraid to tell you… things I know I have to share with you but have been afraid to do so. Afraid of your rejection… being afraid of losing you.

This is my left brain fighting my right brain. I know sharing will be nothing but positive and will make us closer. You, the listener, the reader, the follower… but at the same time, my left brain is telling me: Are you crazy?… You can’t tell them that! What are they going to think of you!… NO!

So, I have been having this internal battle for some time now and I took a leap a few weeks ago in show 135 and share with you my body image challenges and publicly shared a picture of me in a bathing suit… and I survived. Actually, I thrived. Your support, feedback, comments were awesome. Not one negative word… I love you guys!

So, today’s episode is a continuity of this… fueled by you and your reaction to my sharing my body image challenges. The impact that me sharing my truth had on some of you… the #bodyneutrality movement we have created. The empowerment of you showing in putting your first bathing suit on for 30 years, or you that went to your family party, which you refuse to go at first, and then decided to go and had a wonderful time with your family or you who for the first time wore a tank top in Texas summer instead of a cardigan… and there are dozens and dozens more stories that came out of me sharing my body images challenges.

So, this ‘things I’m afraid to tell you’ episode is for you, for me for us to have a deeper more meaningful relationship. So that I continue my own healing journey and that you do yours.

I know that rejection is a possibility and that’s ok!

In this episode I discuss 

  • The things I’m afraid to tell you and why it scares me to share these with you
  • Why taking time for self-care is not easy for me even if I know how important it is 
  • The impact of being raised in scarcity has had on me which may resonate with you, too
  • How I view the things that challenge me and how you should view your personal challenges, too 


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Last episode, I talked about one of the most common objections I face with new clients and patients – “I just don’t have the time to xxxx”. To answer this objection, I shared 4 important concepts to help you reframe your relationship to time so that you can self-care. You’ll also discover in this episode why shouldn’t you be really proud of having the “busy badge” – Is this you? If yes, then, you shouldn’t miss listening to this episode!  Click here. 

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