143- Ask Me: My Favorite Things… Right Now!

This is a special episode of The Beyond The Food Show Podcast… It’s all about my favorites things. The things I love, the things I use daily and the things I can’t live without!

142-Being Honest With Yourself with Cristina Curp

being honest with yourself
You have to be honest with yourself and really clear with your intention behind changing your food habits. Are you playing the internal game ” Oh it’s for health ….” when really secretly what you want is to lose weight? You got to stop that! This kind of game is mayhem for your mind…

141-I Just Need to Be Tougher on Myself… An Easier Way!

need to be tougher on myself
Are you using discipline towards yourself as a motivator? Or at least hoping that it will motivate you? Where did we learn this concept? That harsh discipline is the best behavioral change method… likely how we were raised, right? Is that the way you were taught to be a good girl? Let’s be real honest here… How’s that “being tough” on yourself working for ya? Not so good, right… so, what can…

140-Back Pain: Game-Changing Approach with Steven Ray Ozanich

back pain
Do you suffer from back pain? This approach will be Game Changing for you. This interview with Steven Ray Ozanich, the author of The Great Pain Deception, will share with you the TMS discovery of Dr. Sarno. This approach to healing pain requires no surgery, medication or expensive treatment. The solution is within you right now…

139-Ask Me: Avoiding Food Anxiety–How to Get to Worry-Free Eating

food anxiety
“I just want to be able to eat a damn piece of cake of my B-day without feeling like I’m going to die!” How to get over a lot of the food fear we have developed over the years of dieting or partaking in nutrition education or food philosophy diet?