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252-Righteous Eating

Righteous Eating
Are you a righteous eater? One hint that you might be is the answer to this question: Do you secretly feel superior (better than others) because of the way you eat? This one is also revealing: now again, answer silently: Do you feel a sense of shame or guilt when you don’t eat the way you think you should? I emphasize the word secret or silent answer because admitting that you are a righteous eate…

251-Her Story: Unlearning Diet Culture as a Mom with Mandy

Unlearning Diet Culture as a mom
Diet Culture gets in the way of our autonomy as women. It tells us what to eat, how to move, and what size and shape our bodies should be. You and I do not have to live our lives according to diet culture’s rules and expectations. Decide to opt-out, totally up to you. You can stay, or you can say: HELL NO! Listen to Mandy share her journey unlearning diet culture as a mom from the beginning to the…

250-The Black Outfit

The Black Outfit
Do you have a black outfit in your closet? Do you perhaps have more than 1 black outfit… one piece for every type of clothes? Do you wear black clothes as often if not more often the bright colorful clothes? “The Black Outfit” title of this episode is really an analogy, an analogy for us not embracing our fullness. Yes, our fullness physically but also our fullness emotionally, mentally and spirit…

249-The Good Girl Syndrome

Good Girl Syndrome
Do you remember being told to be a “good girl” when you were young? And praised for being a “good girl” and punished for not being a good girl? Although socialized very early on as women, to be a good girl this socialization is done with good intentions but it leaves grown-up women struggling and in pain. Are you ready to take back your power and let go of the good girl syndrome?

248-We Shall Enjoy Our Bodies & Lives

We shall enjoy our bodies & lives
Why am I nervous about this new episode? A little background here: a few months back, I announced that I would take a summer break from podcasting so I can create the space to be creative. I shared that I was working on something special, revolutionary.As I was going through this summer break something else happened. I made a decision. It was long coming. I’m sharing this decision with you. We sha…