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223- Anti-Diet with Christy Harrison

223-Anti-Diet with Christy Harrison
The anti-diet movement with Christy Harrison will help you understand why we have a diet culture epidemic and not an obesity epidemic.

222-Diet Culture Antidote

Diet Culture Antidote-Stephanie Dodier
What is the most potent diet culture antidote? Have you recently discovered that you have been under the spell of Diet Culture and want out? You are not alone, sister… In fact, there are millions of us looking for the solution. Discover the most effective countermeasure to the influence of diet culture in this episode.

221-The #1 Nutrition Trend of 2020: What to look and watch for

221-Nutrition Trend of 2020 -Stephanie Dodier
Always seeking the next nutrition “thing” that would make it all come together for me and my clients…but as many of you know, I never found that “thing”… I found emotional eating, binge eating & body-shaming instead. In today’s episode, we will explore the #1 Nutrition trend of 2020 and what to watch for… because we must be careful!

220 – Cycles of binge eating and restricting: How to end it?

220-Cycles of binge eating and restricting_ How to end it_-Stephanie Dodier
At the time, I knew that what I was doing was called binge eating or overeating, but I had no idea why I was doing it. I just thought something was wrong with me, so I kept it a secret.

219-Coming to Terms with Our Body Now – The Weight Loss Series Part 5 Final

coming to terms with our body
Coming to terms with my body now was one of the hardest emotional events of my short life. I had to grieve my fantasy body… the body that was going to bring me everything I didn’t have now. That experience of coming to terms with my body was hard. That’s what we will discuss in this episode of the podcast.