202-Stepping Beyond The Struggle

202-Stepping Beyond the Struggle-Stephanie Dodier
In a way, this podcast is not just a message to those of you who are struggling, but it’s also a message to my former self. It’s the advice I wish someone shared with me when I was struggling. It’s the advice I wish I had when I went through so many dark times.

201-What’s Missing From Your Program?

201-What is missing from your program-Stephanie Dodier
We are in the midst of an epidemic and no, it’s not an obesity epidemic. It’s the Diet Culture epidemic. It has become completely normal to not like our body. It’s expected that we shame ourselves and our body if it doesn’t fit the “thin ideal”. It has also become the norm to be on some kind of health programs that restrict the way we live our life. This has led us to no longer respect and trust o…

200-How to Get Started with Intuitive Eating

200-How to Get Started with Intuitive Eating-Stephanie Dodier
We are in the middle of an epidemic. One that is destroying the quality and longevity of our life. It affects not only us, but our children and their children. While it’s been around for a while, it’s growing at an alarming rate. And no, it’s not Obesity.

199-Good or Bad Food: Healthy versus Unhealthy Food?

199-Good or Bad Food-Stephanie Dodier
Although we’ve learned to drop magical thinking when it comes to weather, crops or other natural phenomenon, we so still think of food as magical. We label food in hopes that doing so will bring us closer to our desires and goals. The concept is that if we consume the “good” food will control our health and body unfortunately what comes along is shame & guilt when we do eat the “bad” food.

198-13 Popular Intuitive Eating Myths (and why they’re bogus)

198-what intuitive eating is and is not
Want to give Intuitive Eating a try? These 13 misconceptions may make intuitive eating more challenging and increase the odds of you giving up. On today’s episode, we are going to debunk 13 popular Intuitive Eating myths that you should stop believing.