167-UnDiet 2019: How to Get Results: 5 Obstacles to Avoid

All of us have goals. Goals like getting married or maybe having children. Taking the next step up in our career or for some, having more energy. Making more money and losing weight are the top two goals people set in their lives… especially, new year’s resolution. Some women go on to achieve their goal and others don’t. Why?

166-Undiet 2019: Strategies to Maintain Motivation and Consistency

“I get off track very easily and difficult to get back on track. Finding a way to be motivated every day is hard. What should I do? That’s one of the top 3 questions I get on open forums. Along with how to be consistent and how can I lose weight (I never answer this one anymore!). Maintaining motivation is a struggle for many as it was for me and is still when it comes to exercise. Here’s the secr…

165-Undiet 2019: Body Acceptance: The Must-Have to Make Peace with Food 

We think that we can delay accepting our body until we get our relationship to food OK. Most of us are ready to do the work with our emotions but when it comes to doing the work with our body image… we resist. And we resist hard! The truth is Body Acceptance is the must-have to make peace with food. More than a must-have, it’s essential.

164-Holiday Survival Guide 

Surviving the holidays can be tough. Thriving in the holiday nearly impossible for some. Perhaps the holiday period is causing you more anxiety than pleasure. The anticipation of seeing certain family members might be causing you to be in an emotional eating rollercoaster. The Beyond The Food Holiday Survival guide will move you from self-destructing eating habits during the holiday to thriving an…

163-Smart Women Don’t Diet… and What They Do Instead

Smart women don’t diet… they do THIS instead. After 27 years of dieting, I’m clear on one thing… diets don’t work. 91% of all women are unhappy about their body and resort to dieting. We think that a “thin” body is going to unlock our happiness, our acceptance, our joy. And 95% of all dieters regain their all weight within 1-5 years. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and ov…