Sugar Cravings During Periods: 3 Steps to Keep Them at Bay

sugar cravings during periods

You might be wondering why you have sugar cravings during periods. Perhaps you’ve been blaming your hormones for these cravings. If so, you’re right! Hormonal cravings are a REAL THING.

Now, I have to be completely honest and transparent with you and admit that I have never experienced these types of cravings. I learned about these cravings from my patients who have told me how much suffering these hormonal cravings can cause. Trust me, I get it now!

The Solution to Sugar Cravings During Periods

Before, I was wondering why I didn’t have sugar cravings during periods. It wasn’t until I interviewed Dr. Kyrin Dunston for my podcast, The Beyond the Food Show, that I understood why hormonal cravings weren’t an issue for me.

During her interview, Dr. Dunston told us that the hormone that causes us to crave sugar before our period is estrogen. In other words, if you have high estrogen levels, you are likely to have sugar cravings. You see, my estrogen levels have always been low. I discovered this when my saliva was tested to determine my hormone levels.

Dr. Dunston also shared three action steps that you can apply right now to stave off sugar cravings during periods:

1) Manage your stress. As you’ve probably read from my articles, your body releases cortisol when you’re under stress. Cortisol is the number one cause of your cravings for both salty and sweet foods. It causes more food cravings than hormonal imbalance.

Managing your stress means learning to say no and taking care of yourself first. Meditating is also an excellent way to manage stress. Meditation has been shown in several studies to lower cortisol levels.

2) Mind your menses. Whether you’re a younger menstruating woman or perimenopausal, you want to get your periods straight. You’ll need to balance your hormones using natural options such as vitex (also known as chaste tree) and soy supplements. Phytoestrogens or plant-based estrogens can also help, but if you are estrogen-dominant, a progesterone cream is better for you.

3) Detoxify. The liver is the sanitation department in the body. It gets rid of excess hormones. Most of us are estrogen-dominant; we have too much estrogen. Detoxifying will help your liver to get rid of the excess estrogen in your body so your hormones start balancing out.

You can learn more about hormonal cravings and how to balance your hormones by listening to my interview with Dr. Dunston here or by playing the audio or video file below:




Why You Should Manage Your Hormone Levels Now

Managing your hormone levels will not only prevent cravings, but also prevent other health conditions such as breast cancer. (Breast cancer has been associated with higher level of estrogen).

Our bodies are wise. The next time you have sugar cravings during your period, think about this — cravings are not your body’s way of torturing you! They are warning signals from your body that your female hormone levels are dysregulated and that you need to do something. They even help you prevent more serious and negative consequences of your hormonal dysregulation.

It’s time to take responsibility, educate yourself, and take action. When you manage your hormone levels, you manage your cravings. You also help your body to stay healthy.

Struggling With Sugar Cravings During Periods?

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